Sound Therapists in Canada, Shelburne NS,
Stress Reduction, Meditation, Mental Health,
Wellbeing, Life Coaching, Healing,  Hypnotherapy and Business Improvement. 

‘THE GONG PEOPLE’ (as we are affectionately called) WILL HELP YOU IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH AND WELL BEING, YOUR BUSINESS, AND  YOUR LIFE. WE FOCUS ON WELLNESS NOT ILLNESS Whether you are an individual looking for a private session, a group looking for some thing different, relaxing, fun and  energizing, or you are a company / employer looking to improve your staff attendance rates and performance, we can help.    EVENTS CALENDAR  Details. of all events, courses , work shops here.

January 20th 2018 Start the year on the frequencies of the Cosmos and the SOUND OF BEING  manifest the year your heart desires; Advance Ticket here or pay at door

Jan 21st at BISHOP HALL 10032 HWY 1 Greenwich B4P 2R2 4pm to 6pm $35 + Tax . Space limited , advance booking and E trans contact 902 679 8032 

Sound / Vibrational Medicine has existed in main stream medicine for many years :Ultra Sound Scans / MRI/ Ct Scans, all use ‘ SOUND and FREQUENCY to identify issues. In many hospitals across Europe, Canada and Australia use ‘ sound waves ‘ to destroy soft tissue tumors and Kidney stones, all without harming any other cells. Science ‘ LIKES ‘ Sound [ Vibrational  ] Therapy, as it can be measured, and it;s effects , measured. Check out sound science. STRESS costs Canadian Business , at the last count , over 51 BILLION a year, and WE can help reduce that through private sessions and Corporate events and training.


In addition to Life Coaching, Stress Management, helping with addiction issues,Physical issues, Reflexology and Hypnotherapy, we offer a beautiful Cosmic experience OCEAN SIDE to a white sand beach , with the sound of the waves, the birds, the bees and of course beautiful planet gongs and ancient instruments. Whether for yourself, a couple, a family, or a group, the experience will be unique and potentially life changing.

Relax and journey on cosmic frequencies, then enjoy a stroll or a picnic in the garden or our white sand beach.


If you can’t get to us- check out where we are in the Province and what we offer via Skype/ Face Time / Telephone and over the net

SESSIONS, TREATMENTS, EVENTS, WORKSHOPS contact us to change your life


WE NOW OFFER PERSONAL SOUND HEALING SESSIONS WORLD WIDE including feedback –  via MP3 Download / CD ; send us a photograph and we will conduct a personal session for you. Distance is a perception, we are energetic beings and healing has no boundaries, save ones we create.



Inspirational and amazing Group Exoeriences

Inspirational and amazing Group Experiences

Interactive Events

Corporate Interactive Events









LIFE Coaching and GUIDANCE .  To help you live a better day and better life. LIVE THE LIFE YOU DREAM. .  ….more

a Soul drawing

a Soul drawing

Spiritual Guidance, Mediumship sessions , 1:1, /   Soul drawings Wherever you are in the world.

Comfort for the bereaved and confidential, spiritual guidance





” I no longer drink or take drugs, I am so thankful to you both,so thankful “, ” The Kids and TEACHERS LOVED the sessions and took a great deal from them “, ” I feel so much more relaxed and so much better able to handle stress THANK YOU’, ” THANK YOU SO MUCH, my Life Coaching sessions have changed my life, I have already made positive changes and feel so much happier” , LIFE CHANGING” , ” Moving and insightful , thank you for the guidance “.  ‘WOW, just WOW ” ,

Check out some more testimonials 


Helping the Planet and all life forms

Helping the Planet and all life forms

Did you know :- Sound Therapy helps animals and plants too ? That we can clear negative / unwanted / blocked  energy from locations and spaces ? That it can infuse places, people , objects and nature including water with harmonious frequency ? And did you know that our BLACK background uses less energy for each PC logging into us than a white or colored screen would ?

You can find us on YOU TUBE and we are developing our own channel for for virtual events; We have been featured on CTV house call and Radio, and Eastlink TV, and in magazines including Canada’s national health magazine OPTYMYZ.  check out MP3 downloads/ E books and Virtual Experiences, wherever you are in the world we can help

“Sound Therapy is a new exciting field with the potential to completely shift our heath care paradigm and is boundless in its potential ramifications. Sound can redress imbalances on every level of physiologic functioning and can play a positive role in the treatment of virtually any medical dis-order.”
Dr. Mitchell Gaynor Director of Medical Oncology and Integrative Medicine at Strang-Cornell Cancer Prevention Center, New York.



“The GONG is the spirit song. It is the primal whisper of the soul. It’s sound is the echo of the original word that created the universe,the SOUND within all sounds.” Yogi Bahjan  YBKriya_YogiBhajan

Psychic Edgar Cayce predicted the medicine of the future would be sound.

SOUNDS GREAT , it IS GREAT, we look forward to seeing you

Love SOUNDBEINGS  Rita&Phil_2[1]

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