Violet for transformation


st germain flameAs the energy shift’s and awareness increases for all, many sensitives are finding this a challenging time, many feel wiped out, and need to sleep [ and if you can PLEASE do that], others are suddenly feeling overwhelmed and even fearful . St Germains presence has been strong and that energy is still here and I was prompted to share these words, the invocation and drawn to this image as it is filled with violet flame energy.

‘ Beautiful friends, do not fear, do not chastise yourselves, as you have not failed, nor will you. The transition you are experiencing is an awareness of the connection to consciousness to ALL that is. Each soul reading this agreed to be part of the transformation and allow a rebirth of love, compassion and humanity on Gaia. Throughout your life upon this planet your consciousness has always been elevated; you will have experienced this initially, beginning in childhood, experiencing a sense of awareness of observing ones self; even when happy and playing there was an ability to be aware of the ” self ‘ playing, ‘Being “.

This has never left you – for some the experience was so strong you felt you did not belong here, did not fit and sometimes that awareness became ” separateness’. As you then all followed healing paths    [ you are all healers as ANY act of compassion and emitting loving energy is healing ], you reawakened knowledge from that connection and followed your own paths, all being acolytes and masters.

Each one of you has been comfortable in their own awareness and cognoscente of the ALL that is and that YOU are indeed ALL that is.

Presently as the frequencies increase and many upon the earth are experiencing awareness for the first time, the energy for you is one of considerable intensity as your awareness of conscious connection is significant, so much so it can feel like an over load. In truth you are becoming conscious of knowing all, and your being is flooded with all frequencies. For many you will suddenly  feel swamped, overwhelmed, tired. The energies bring up 3D emotions like anger , frustration and fear as well as overwhelming love and compassion so you weep for the earth, for all life forms.

Your awareness, your knowing has been switched on, as it were to your mission; to knowing all. You have always known this in your heart and always been able to access information and energies and communication in meditations, sleep states, you are NOW though connected and your being is alive with the infinite and ALL. You truly know you are indeed here to ” save the world”

The shift from 3D to 5D [ as you call it ] though is still on going, so you are sometimes struggling to balance this knowing within the field of this planet at present, that is being swamped with the fear energy, so many feel destabilized.

The planets field will not change swiftly enough for you all, at present, so you must consciously change your own field and integration will become more harmonious and gentle  and you will once again relax into ‘ saving the world’, and know exactly what your role is.

Allow me, the violet energy to transmute lower energy and assist in a harmonious transition; we are truly ONE.”

I was then given this meditation and mantra;

Set time aside to be still and relax, breathe slowly in through your nose and our through your mouth 9 times , as you see a beautiful white column of light flow through your crown chakra, feel it fill your being and expand outwards, return to your normal breath pattern.

Now see that white light fill with the most beautiful violet light so you and it are one and the same, safe , relaxed. Ahead of you see the most magnificent tall violet flames dancing with vibrant loving energy; see your self rise and step into the flames saying;

“I AM the source of all my power, an infinite being of light and love. I step into the violet flame and transmute all lower energies attached to me, and allow all painful memories from all life times to be dissolved and transmuted. I am filled with the unconditional love of the violet flame acknowledging the powerful , loving awakening and remembering it brings. I emit unconditional love and gratitude. I awaken to my mission and feel the love and connection of the violet flame at all times. I AM ALL that is, THANK YOU”

Step out of the flames, still a being of white and violet light, and return to your body. Again be aware of the column of white light and allow it to narrow and become a dot of light upon the top of your crown chakra, breathe in slowly and visualize a beautiful violet light in the center of your being. This energy is there to expand whenever you chose. Again take 9 slow breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.

This meditation may be repeated as often as you wish.


We will be using Violet Flame energy through our Sound journey March 1st at the Maritime Conservatory Halifax 7 to 9pm – with 8 beautiful and powerful planet gongs, singing bowls and the sound of your being – join us if you can – there is still an early bird offer on 🙂

you may share the meditation and invocation and mantra with whom ever you chose, please just acknowledge the source. Blessings.


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