Whilst celebrating Canada day , and the freedom of BEING a Canadian by birth or choice, remember that we ARE ALL ONE. We are all CITIZENS OF THE WORLD.

We [ SOUNDBEINGS ] are Canadian by choice but could have Irish passports although born in the UK , one of us has strong Welsh family ties, one of us Irish Spanish and Scottish, we Love Liverpool our home city and do not consider ourselves English and we are Canadian in our hearts.This land was in our blood before we arrived and upon descending in to Halifax airport for the first time years ago it felt like we were coming home.

When we close our eyes and listen to laughter we do not know if that person is young or old, tall or short, fat, thin, which country they were born in or live in, we do not know what God means to them or if indeed God exists for them, we do not know how wealthy they are or poor they are, where they live , what car they drive, what education they received or didn’t, we know only they Laugh and have feelings, that their heart beats and loves and aches like us all.

It it wonderful to CELEBRATE our uniqueness and history, and celebrating freedom from another country’s oppression should always be acknowledged and respected, and those who lost their lives in any struggle for that remembered with love and respect.

Our wish this beautiful Canada Day, is for everyone, worldwide, to embrace that we ARE ALL CITIZENS of the WORLD first and foremost; That in our celebrations, for the country we love [ whatever that may be ] we do not SEPARATE ourselves through nationalism but rather acknowledge the richness our personal and countries uniqueness brings to the global tapestry.

That we remember that one persons discoverer is an others invader, that where some see bringing                         ” civilization ‘ for others they see genocide and destruction of a beautiful civilized culture.

Through closing our eyes and feeling with our hearts, through acknowledging that we truly are one we will see the WORLD as a WHOLE and that our beautiful flags and cultures and uniqueness really joins together like a stunning tapestry and that the true beauty and magnificence is in the WHOLE .


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