WE are the ” THEY “

WE can do this

WE can do this

Taking personal responsibility and accepting personal accountability, gives us control of our power and our lives.
How many times do you hear a voice say  ” someone should do something about that ”  or ” they don’t care ”  How often have YOU said those things ?

WE are the THEY, We are SOMEONE, WE ARE SOCIETY. YOU ME everyone reading this right now.

If we walk past litter without picking it up , we litter. If we pass animals suffering and do nothing to alleviate that suffering, we are practicing animal cruelty.

If we are aware of suffering to another human, and do nothing to help, we become the abuser too.

If we have concerns about the Oil Industries poisoning of the planet and still use bleach and non environmentally friendly products we are as the oil men.

The THEY we talk about are ALL OF US.

If we know and allow and permit, without doing anything to change things then WE are the THEY, who are doing the harm, as we ENABLE it.

When we look to blame and make excuses as to why we behave in a certain way , we are not accepting responsibility. We need to be honest, yes when your partner/ family member does ” X ” you may well feel “Y” and react [ usually the same way for years] in a certain way – Instead, STOP and think and feel, examine WHAT is it about really ? Do you feel frightened, [ anger and fear are the same ] , do you feel un loved? Unworthy – what sits at the root – Be honest about everything.

If  it’s you who always does the same thing that irritates your partner ask yourself ” why ? ‘ what is at the root of that behavior ? If you truly go there and look you will see why , maybe it’s because you don’t consider what the other person feels as important, is important, in which case that’s fine as we all experience the world internally , BUT at least discuss that and find out why the other soul feels as they do…. just something to think about.

We have all hidden behind behavior patterns because of our past, once though we confront that and acknowledge that, it, then becomes a choice whether we remain a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of our future.

When we distance ourselves from our own behaviors through excuses [ well I didn’t drop that litter so why should I pick it up ] we enable poor behaviors to continue.

When we walk past a hungry person we are enabling society to become blind. Don’t say well what can I do ? ask HOW can I help, HOW can WE ALL help change this situation.

WE should all be asking WHY we HAVE anyone without a home in 2013 – seriously think about it, a rich nation and we have people without a roof and the basic needs of life
and people WALK PAST those souls ??????????????????????????????.

One small change in our attitude, one small recognition of our personal responsibility and collective responsibility will see a MAGNIFICENT change in the world.

WE are the THEY , WE ARE SOCIETY and we need to ask;

“If not us, then who? If not now, then when?” ― John Lewis

and as that wonderful soul Gandhi said ; ” Be the change you want to see in the world ” .

And we begin by accepting personal responsibility and collaborating to become the collective responsibility, we can change the world.

Have a wonderful day asking questions and , acting and changing the world


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