THE SOUND OF OUR BEING & Manifesting swiftly

Manifesting with Heart energy PERFECT

Manifesting with Heart energy PERFECT

There are many stories of belief systems whereby the Universe and the Earth where SUNG into being.
Even in Christianity,  creation is talked about in the terms of  creation through sound.. ” IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE WORD AND GOD SAID LET THERE BE LIGHT….. ” the Voice brought forth the light, for Muslims God says ” BE ” and creation occurs. In Sikhism the belief is  …. ” Then Waheguru created everything by a single word:” Waheguru spoke once and there was creation “..     Even Mainstream science talks of the BIG BANG [ again sound ].

Within humanity there is a deep understanding of the power of sound, of vibration. And we had a wonderful experience yesterday of the power of sound and manifestation being swift.

The energy of the planet is enabling SWIFT MANIFESTATION, so be mindful to WHAT and WHERE you are sending your energy and focus, as where the focus goes energy flows.
Only 4 Hours to Manifest. When you are in your heart your manifestation is getting almost instantaneous. WE LOVE the UNIVERSE and we totally LOVE this :- read on

Today whilst talking to a young music student about sound / energy healing and our unique vibratory frequency, I said ” we all have our own unique sound and vibration ” – :” Like a note ” they said? ” Well more like a SONG, or a SYMPHONY” [ I said ] and we chatted about how and why vibrational healing [ every kind ] works beautifully.

I sent up the thought that I could have an illustration/ image to highlight what I was saying. Within 4 hours I saw this; an article about a beautiful African tribe, where the female who wishes to conceive sits beneath a tree in the quiet and meditates and then hears the song of her unborn child. She then teaches this song to the father to be and they sing it, even at some point during love making, to sing the child into this world.

he day that the mother to be HEARS the SONG is the BIRTH DATE Pardon the pun BUT HOW TUNED IN ARE THESE AMAZING SOULS

When pregnant the mother teaches the song to the midwives and they sing this as the baby is born. How beautiful is that.

Throughout the persons life the song is sung often and for many reasons always lovingly and in a supportive way , even when that person may have done something that the tribe consider bad, they gather and sing the song to intensify the love.

Our lives have been so busy and hectic that we have not heard our song, the song of our soul the SOUND OF OUR BEING More than ever in this accelerating and wonderful vibrational transformation, it is crucial to make time to be quiet and listen to self.

Remember Quantum Physics demonstrates what the ancients always knew, that everything is energy and energy brings forth matter [ which is just vibrational frequency we can interact with ].

Sound is energy, so be mindful of the sounds you expose your being to. Also sit quietly and allow yourself to listen to your being, tone, sing, hum [ not a chart song ] just hum your own tune like children do.

We are all a beautiful sound and when we sit quietly we will hear the sound of our being.

Nada Brahma { The World is sound ]


and here’s the link to the full story of the African tribe Love and blessings SOUNDBEINGS

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