Violet for transformation


st germain flameAs the energy shift’s and awareness increases for all, many sensitives are finding this a challenging time, many feel wiped out, and need to sleep [ and if you can PLEASE do that], others are suddenly feeling overwhelmed and even fearful . St Germains presence has been strong and that energy is still here and I was prompted to share these words, the invocation and drawn to this image as it is filled with violet flame energy.

‘ Beautiful friends, do not fear, do not chastise yourselves, as you have not failed, nor will you. The transition you are experiencing is an awareness of the connection to consciousness to ALL that is. Each soul reading this agreed to be part of the transformation and allow a rebirth of love, compassion and humanity on Gaia. Throughout your life upon this planet your consciousness has always been elevated; you will have experienced this initially, beginning in childhood, experiencing a sense of awareness of observing ones self; even when happy and playing there was an ability to be aware of the ” self ‘ playing, ‘Being “.

This has never left you – for some the experience was so strong you felt you did not belong here, did not fit and sometimes that awareness became ” separateness’. As you then all followed healing paths    [ you are all healers as ANY act of compassion and emitting loving energy is healing ], you reawakened knowledge from that connection and followed your own paths, all being acolytes and masters.

Each one of you has been comfortable in their own awareness and cognoscente of the ALL that is and that YOU are indeed ALL that is.

Presently as the frequencies increase and many upon the earth are experiencing awareness for the first time, the energy for you is one of considerable intensity as your awareness of conscious connection is significant, so much so it can feel like an over load. In truth you are becoming conscious of knowing all, and your being is flooded with all frequencies. For many you will suddenly  feel swamped, overwhelmed, tired. The energies bring up 3D emotions like anger , frustration and fear as well as overwhelming love and compassion so you weep for the earth, for all life forms.

Your awareness, your knowing has been switched on, as it were to your mission; to knowing all. You have always known this in your heart and always been able to access information and energies and communication in meditations, sleep states, you are NOW though connected and your being is alive with the infinite and ALL. You truly know you are indeed here to ” save the world”

The shift from 3D to 5D [ as you call it ] though is still on going, so you are sometimes struggling to balance this knowing within the field of this planet at present, that is being swamped with the fear energy, so many feel destabilized.

The planets field will not change swiftly enough for you all, at present, so you must consciously change your own field and integration will become more harmonious and gentle  and you will once again relax into ‘ saving the world’, and know exactly what your role is.

Allow me, the violet energy to transmute lower energy and assist in a harmonious transition; we are truly ONE.”

I was then given this meditation and mantra;

Set time aside to be still and relax, breathe slowly in through your nose and our through your mouth 9 times , as you see a beautiful white column of light flow through your crown chakra, feel it fill your being and expand outwards, return to your normal breath pattern.

Now see that white light fill with the most beautiful violet light so you and it are one and the same, safe , relaxed. Ahead of you see the most magnificent tall violet flames dancing with vibrant loving energy; see your self rise and step into the flames saying;

“I AM the source of all my power, an infinite being of light and love. I step into the violet flame and transmute all lower energies attached to me, and allow all painful memories from all life times to be dissolved and transmuted. I am filled with the unconditional love of the violet flame acknowledging the powerful , loving awakening and remembering it brings. I emit unconditional love and gratitude. I awaken to my mission and feel the love and connection of the violet flame at all times. I AM ALL that is, THANK YOU”

Step out of the flames, still a being of white and violet light, and return to your body. Again be aware of the column of white light and allow it to narrow and become a dot of light upon the top of your crown chakra, breathe in slowly and visualize a beautiful violet light in the center of your being. This energy is there to expand whenever you chose. Again take 9 slow breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.

This meditation may be repeated as often as you wish.


We will be using Violet Flame energy through our Sound journey March 1st at the Maritime Conservatory Halifax 7 to 9pm – with 8 beautiful and powerful planet gongs, singing bowls and the sound of your being – join us if you can – there is still an early bird offer on 🙂

you may share the meditation and invocation and mantra with whom ever you chose, please just acknowledge the source. Blessings.


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“Incredible Edible” An inspiration to us all

There is a wonderful quote by Margaret Meade ” Never doubt a small group of committed individuals can change the world, indeed it is the only thing that ever has” Now imagine if a HUGE group of committed individuals shared and manifested a vision that helped many.

We came across a great example of just that in TODMORDEN UK, and as part of a volunteer group we belong too here in NS we hope to start something similar and literally GROW. Grow volunteers, grow the community by growing food.

So back to Todmorden in the UK. Incredible Edible begins by saying “INCREDIBLE EDIBLE is the enactment of a belief that, if you play to the strengths of any community, or group of people living their lives around a street, a neighbourhood, a town, and if you share within that group a common focus (for us food), then you can create resilience and cohesion that will make us all stronger and happier”

What’s not to LOVE about that?

For many many people at present, quality food is scarce and often expensive, in towns, city’s and communities there are open spaces that can be shared to ensure not only natural habitats survive, but also where food can be grown [ ooh you can almost hear the Monsanto Bunch running to Congress shouting nooooooooooo  LOL…]

It is evident that whilst great efforts and strides are being made to encourage a culture of “we are all one” [ which we are ] there are still a great many artificial divides that split families/ communities and cultures. WE ALL THOUGH NEED TO EAT and WE ALL NEED TO EAT GOOD FOOD.
SO Lets take a leaf [ or a few plants actually ] out of TODMORDENS book and start making our communities self sufficient, and lets start with food.

Look around where you live, wherever it is and join together and start growing together, imagine outside the hospital that big green space being filled with veggies and fruit available to all free of charge, Beans growing by the post office.. seriously why not 🙂 Take a look at this short film made by Incredible Edible and check out their help packs through their web site  below. We can ALL do this 🙂 Have fun and lets know how you get on.

Here’s the movie

Incredible Edible an example to us all

And here’s their web site



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THE SOUND OF OUR BEING & Manifesting swiftly

Manifesting with Heart energy PERFECT

Manifesting with Heart energy PERFECT

There are many stories of belief systems whereby the Universe and the Earth where SUNG into being.
Even in Christianity,  creation is talked about in the terms of  creation through sound.. ” IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE WORD AND GOD SAID LET THERE BE LIGHT….. ” the Voice brought forth the light, for Muslims God says ” BE ” and creation occurs. In Sikhism the belief is  …. ” Then Waheguru created everything by a single word:” Waheguru spoke once and there was creation “..     Even Mainstream science talks of the BIG BANG [ again sound ].

Within humanity there is a deep understanding of the power of sound, of vibration. And we had a wonderful experience yesterday of the power of sound and manifestation being swift.

The energy of the planet is enabling SWIFT MANIFESTATION, so be mindful to WHAT and WHERE you are sending your energy and focus, as where the focus goes energy flows.
Only 4 Hours to Manifest. When you are in your heart your manifestation is getting almost instantaneous. WE LOVE the UNIVERSE and we totally LOVE this :- read on

Today whilst talking to a young music student about sound / energy healing and our unique vibratory frequency, I said ” we all have our own unique sound and vibration ” – :” Like a note ” they said? ” Well more like a SONG, or a SYMPHONY” [ I said ] and we chatted about how and why vibrational healing [ every kind ] works beautifully.

I sent up the thought that I could have an illustration/ image to highlight what I was saying. Within 4 hours I saw this; an article about a beautiful African tribe, where the female who wishes to conceive sits beneath a tree in the quiet and meditates and then hears the song of her unborn child. She then teaches this song to the father to be and they sing it, even at some point during love making, to sing the child into this world.

he day that the mother to be HEARS the SONG is the BIRTH DATE Pardon the pun BUT HOW TUNED IN ARE THESE AMAZING SOULS

When pregnant the mother teaches the song to the midwives and they sing this as the baby is born. How beautiful is that.

Throughout the persons life the song is sung often and for many reasons always lovingly and in a supportive way , even when that person may have done something that the tribe consider bad, they gather and sing the song to intensify the love.

Our lives have been so busy and hectic that we have not heard our song, the song of our soul the SOUND OF OUR BEING More than ever in this accelerating and wonderful vibrational transformation, it is crucial to make time to be quiet and listen to self.

Remember Quantum Physics demonstrates what the ancients always knew, that everything is energy and energy brings forth matter [ which is just vibrational frequency we can interact with ].

Sound is energy, so be mindful of the sounds you expose your being to. Also sit quietly and allow yourself to listen to your being, tone, sing, hum [ not a chart song ] just hum your own tune like children do.

We are all a beautiful sound and when we sit quietly we will hear the sound of our being.

Nada Brahma { The World is sound ]


and here’s the link to the full story of the African tribe Love and blessings SOUNDBEINGS

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WE are the ” THEY “

WE can do this

WE can do this

Taking personal responsibility and accepting personal accountability, gives us control of our power and our lives.
How many times do you hear a voice say  ” someone should do something about that ”  or ” they don’t care ”  How often have YOU said those things ?

WE are the THEY, We are SOMEONE, WE ARE SOCIETY. YOU ME everyone reading this right now.

If we walk past litter without picking it up , we litter. If we pass animals suffering and do nothing to alleviate that suffering, we are practicing animal cruelty.

If we are aware of suffering to another human, and do nothing to help, we become the abuser too.

If we have concerns about the Oil Industries poisoning of the planet and still use bleach and non environmentally friendly products we are as the oil men.

The THEY we talk about are ALL OF US.

If we know and allow and permit, without doing anything to change things then WE are the THEY, who are doing the harm, as we ENABLE it.

When we look to blame and make excuses as to why we behave in a certain way , we are not accepting responsibility. We need to be honest, yes when your partner/ family member does ” X ” you may well feel “Y” and react [ usually the same way for years] in a certain way – Instead, STOP and think and feel, examine WHAT is it about really ? Do you feel frightened, [ anger and fear are the same ] , do you feel un loved? Unworthy – what sits at the root – Be honest about everything.

If  it’s you who always does the same thing that irritates your partner ask yourself ” why ? ‘ what is at the root of that behavior ? If you truly go there and look you will see why , maybe it’s because you don’t consider what the other person feels as important, is important, in which case that’s fine as we all experience the world internally , BUT at least discuss that and find out why the other soul feels as they do…. just something to think about.

We have all hidden behind behavior patterns because of our past, once though we confront that and acknowledge that, it, then becomes a choice whether we remain a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of our future.

When we distance ourselves from our own behaviors through excuses [ well I didn’t drop that litter so why should I pick it up ] we enable poor behaviors to continue.

When we walk past a hungry person we are enabling society to become blind. Don’t say well what can I do ? ask HOW can I help, HOW can WE ALL help change this situation.

WE should all be asking WHY we HAVE anyone without a home in 2013 – seriously think about it, a rich nation and we have people without a roof and the basic needs of life
and people WALK PAST those souls ??????????????????????????????.

One small change in our attitude, one small recognition of our personal responsibility and collective responsibility will see a MAGNIFICENT change in the world.

WE are the THEY , WE ARE SOCIETY and we need to ask;

“If not us, then who? If not now, then when?” ― John Lewis

and as that wonderful soul Gandhi said ; ” Be the change you want to see in the world ” .

And we begin by accepting personal responsibility and collaborating to become the collective responsibility, we can change the world.

Have a wonderful day asking questions and , acting and changing the world


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Whilst celebrating Canada day , and the freedom of BEING a Canadian by birth or choice, remember that we ARE ALL ONE. We are all CITIZENS OF THE WORLD.

We [ SOUNDBEINGS ] are Canadian by choice but could have Irish passports although born in the UK , one of us has strong Welsh family ties, one of us Irish Spanish and Scottish, we Love Liverpool our home city and do not consider ourselves English and we are Canadian in our hearts.This land was in our blood before we arrived and upon descending in to Halifax airport for the first time years ago it felt like we were coming home.

When we close our eyes and listen to laughter we do not know if that person is young or old, tall or short, fat, thin, which country they were born in or live in, we do not know what God means to them or if indeed God exists for them, we do not know how wealthy they are or poor they are, where they live , what car they drive, what education they received or didn’t, we know only they Laugh and have feelings, that their heart beats and loves and aches like us all.

It it wonderful to CELEBRATE our uniqueness and history, and celebrating freedom from another country’s oppression should always be acknowledged and respected, and those who lost their lives in any struggle for that remembered with love and respect.

Our wish this beautiful Canada Day, is for everyone, worldwide, to embrace that we ARE ALL CITIZENS of the WORLD first and foremost; That in our celebrations, for the country we love [ whatever that may be ] we do not SEPARATE ourselves through nationalism but rather acknowledge the richness our personal and countries uniqueness brings to the global tapestry.

That we remember that one persons discoverer is an others invader, that where some see bringing                         ” civilization ‘ for others they see genocide and destruction of a beautiful civilized culture.

Through closing our eyes and feeling with our hearts, through acknowledging that we truly are one we will see the WORLD as a WHOLE and that our beautiful flags and cultures and uniqueness really joins together like a stunning tapestry and that the true beauty and magnificence is in the WHOLE .


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How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were ?

How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were ?

Each day we rearrange ourselves into societies boxes and others expectations, modifying and denying aspects of ourselves to fit some social “norm” or some self limiting belief.

We say we are too tall/ short / fat/ old to do x and y. We tell ourselves we can’t sing or paint or dance, that only children walk barefoot or swing on swings or ride merry go rounds.

We say things like ” ah when I was young I’d do that but not now, adults don’t do that”.

So we look in the mirror and see some lines so what ? They will be from laughing and from experiences you SURVIVED, and yes if we got our friends together to have a race we may well run a little slower [ well some of us who love chocolate may ] but so what ?

Imagine a 3 legged race with your friends what a giggle that would be. Buy some paints and paper and paint with your fingers, dye your hair whatever colour you want, cut it, grow it wear what you like, get a tattoo, sing on the bus. Do whatever you want [as long as no living being is harmed 🙂 ] .

Everyday we are born a new, we have a whole new day for a whole new way and our limitations are mostly our own doing.

BE WHO YOU FEEL not what you think others want or society expects, Be the unique beautiful amazing vibrant you and do what you like, when you do your perspective on the world will change as will your world.

Have a FUN DAY


BE YOU and see life and how you see it change

BE YOU and see life and how you see it change

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do something fior future self

What does life hold for you? What will your future look like ? What feelings will fill up your world ?

Well what does today look like ? What are you feeling ? because what ever you are emitting is what your future holds.

WOW seriously ? YES

Now we know many will howl ” but I feel like this because …. “and reel off  a long list of legitimate reasons  for feeling angry, sad, frustrated, fearful , whatever it is you feeling, and you know what you are no doubt absolutely right and justified and many will understand and nod and say ” yes you have every right to feel like that – Ha Ha !”

The thing is though ,and it’s a big thing really, is that we are vibratory beings, we truly are and that means that we are energy and our feelings and thoughts are energy and we beam those out into the universe to Consciousness, all that is , God whatever title you are comfortable with, we beam that out and we ATTRACT THAT – whatever we send out we get back.

The universe does not judge it simply flows and if we send out a signal for anger then we get situations, people and energy that gives us exactly that.

mmm not fair ? Well kind a is, as WE ARE CREATORS so WE HAVE THE POWER , WE CAN CHOOSE. We get to decide and shape our future we get to attract the vibes we want into our life. WE do this by DELIBERATE intention and DELIBERATE energy.

If someone has hurt you and upset you , made you angry, it is understandable that you will feel hurt , upset and angry , do you really want that person , or situation to continue to bring you pain and suffering in the future ?

If NO then hard as it may be stop thinking about it, stop replaying the scenario over and over in your head, stop the ” it’s not fair ” and you will shape a brighter happier future.

Where the  attention goes energy flows it really does, and we must practices and master the art of deliberate manifestation.

So when you feel yourself “going there ” to that point of reliving the thing that makes you sad / angry etc STOP and think of 10 things you are grateful for, think of 2 things you know you are AMAZING at [ there are way more than 2 but 2 will be a good start ].

Go watch a funny movie, spend time with friends, have a laugh, sing , dance about to cheery music, stop watching and reading things that make you upset or angry – it doesn’t mean you don’t care you are just changing your focus – don’t BASH what you hate – CELEBRATE what you love . We think Monsanto are poisoning the planet and the people and care only for profit – instead of focusing on that we promote growing organic food, collaboration, street corner gardens, seed sharing , natural cures . CHANGE your FOCUS and CREATE YOUR FUTURE.

You are a beautiful being of light sound and colour and you are LOVE so find that LOVE vibe and fill everyday with it EVERY DAY and your future will be filled with LOVE.

Imagine you have planted some seeds for veggies to grow that you are planning on eating – you would have tilled the soil and chosen the seeds as they were organic, made sure you watered them and they had sunshine – now then every time you were angry or upset or frustrated would you go out and put garbage on your veggie patch  ? Would you water the plants with filthy water filled with oil ?  Would you trample them and break them and injure them  ? No of course you wouldn’t .

Why ?

Because you wouldn’t get your lovely veggies would you 🙂 And if you ever DID do those things would you expect to get perfect lovely lush veggies ? NO 🙂

Your Life is your  garden, your thoughts are the seeds and your feelings how you nurture it, the universe provides whatever you order for your garden to grow.

Now the HUGE difference between LIFE and the Veggie garden is that the Veggies need manure 🙂 But your LIFE DOES NOT 🙂

DO SOMETHING TODAY YOUR FUTURE SELF WILL THANK YOU FOR. Live the LOVE now, BE all those things you be in the future BE THAT NOW RIGHT NOW FEEL THOSE WONDERFUL FEELINGS right NOW and watch as your life changes and YOU bring all that you have ordered to you.










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Personal Perception

Beautiful SAND magnified

Beautiful SAND magnified

Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.” Wayne W. Dyer. Perception is a very fluid and personal thing, something which we need to remain mindfully conscious of.

This beautiful image is sand magnified , beautiful isn’t it. Do you look at the details to discover the beauty ? Or are you so focused on the minutiae you miss the beauty of the whole? When you see what do you perceive?

We are both Star Trek fans [ there a secret is out LOL ] and we watched ST 2 yesterday [ very good if you’re a fan]. Did you know that Gene Roddenberry sat in a circle that received channeled messages ? He did. Anyway ….

Our cinema only showed it in 3D so we all sat in the theater and donned our MIB Shades and of course suddenly images were inches from our faces close enough to touch. Some images were more real than others and it was interesting to note that this differed for many in our group of friends. Some were conscious observers remembering it was an artificial perception others were completely in the 3D.

I occasionally moved my glasses up to consider the alternative view and depending upon the scene the perception changed some things being clearer than others.

I smiled as I thought what a wonderful example of changing how we view things and what a wonderful example of how our view of external images and experiences can be so easily manipulated by technology, which is just frequency of course.

Our feelings and thoughts are a frequency and in the same way the frequency of the screen and the interaction of the 3D specs changed the perception so too do our thoughts and feelings. It is through our thoughts and feelings that we always view, consider and experience OUR REALITY. So exactly what is real?

Everyone sees an entirely personal rainbow – how cool is that. This happens as no 2 people can stand in the exact same spot and view the light refracting through the water crystals at exactly the same angel , so we all see a personal rainbow.

Let us always remember that our experiences and view of events are internal and personal, as we view them from our space and interpret them through, and influence them with our emotions. Let us be a conscious observer. Being tolerant and understanding of others experiences, that we may be part of, even when they experience the event differently from us. Lets remember we really all experience things personally, and not be so swift to insist our view and experience of events is the only just and correct one.

As Morticia Adams [ the Adams Family ] said ” what is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly ‘ It’s all about perception.

Let us also remember how easily what we think we see can be manipulated by frequencies , to create clever, realistic illusions, but illusions no less.

Again let us remain conscious observers, mindful of reality at all times being a perception and that we can change our perception at any time.

When we do that we use our energy to then create the reality that we send out. So instead of us mirroring what is sent toward us, through others influence [ a bit like the 3D] we create our realities from our heart and see the beauty and love in all things.

That then will become the shared perception of reality and that world will manifest, so we may all ” Live long and Prosper ” .

May you have a Conscious and peaceful day and may your reality be filled with bliss.


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JUST FOR TODAY… do not complain about anything at all and see what an amazing day you have. Todays energy is PEACE if you can be silent for 10 minutes today and focus on loving thoughts of gratitude you will attract peace and MORE experiences to be grateful for.

When you find yourself about to complain about something STOP and find something to be grateful for instead – get everyone around you to join in too, and for each compliant they can donate $ to Charity [ be cool if it was ] but any charity / good cause. Feel the energy change when you and those around you focus on love and gratitude and if you have a great day today doing that you can do it again tomorrow 🙂

Be happy beautiful beings


good mood

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CRUCIAL not to decend into Fear and Anger

“The greatest thing in this world is not so much where we stand as in what direction we are moving.” ― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Our love and healing is sent to all those affected by the Boston Explosions. It is crucial at this time, more than ever, that we do not collapse into fear, into despair. That we focus on emanating love and bliss, not to focus attention on the perpetrators who ever you feel they may be, not to become a beacon of anger or fear, but rather one of light and love.

Every thought and feeling we have is energy, it is charged with a frequency and that energy manifests and creates matter, situations and attracts people and life forces with that frequency. Remember HAPPY PEOPLE ARE NOT HAPPY BECAUSE GOOD THINGS HAPPEN, GOOD THINGS HAPPEN BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE HAPPY” there is a significant difference.

We are made aware that this week is a significant time for black mass and satanic rituals, many other attacks and bombings and mass deaths have happened this week over the years and there are those few who will be energized by the mass fear and sorrow; a hideous thought we know, but true.

Think of feelings of fear and anger like a vapor, emanating from people and flowing and swirling into the universe, imagine it like a dense fog / smog a pollutant, as that what it truly is. Think how fog and smog choke and blind people, how limiting your vision is in that energy in that environment how unhealthy it is.

Now imagine the energy of love like intensely bright broad rays of the most magnificent sunshine, dissipating the fog and burning it up leaving the air, the world, the universe all that is , bright and clear and life giving and uplifting, illuminating and joyous.

That is what LOVE does, what LOVE is, the energy of LOVE is powerful beautiful cleansing perfect and life giving.

We can practice compassion without the need for anger or fear, we can send love and healing whilst focusing on those to receive whilst remaining compassionate and yet in the space of the love , the sunshine energy.

Everyone will have their own view and standpoint on the events, on the perpetrators on the outcomes and many will wish to share these loudly and passionately.

It is more important, in fact the feeling is overwhelming that it is CRUCIAL at this time this week, NOW, to not go there, but rather to move to the place that brings joy and love and bliss, and send LOVE to all those affected , without judgement , without anger , without fear, with loving compassion.

By blending our loving energies together we can move our world, our existence, our life and our universe forward and increase it’s frequency , dissipating the fog and smog of anger and fear and bring new life and manifest the peaceful loving world that we truly are.


Artwork by Kate Hannah

Artwork by Kate Hannah


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