The Conscious Connection Series has been developed to support all individuals in developing their own inherent skills. Every being on the planet is psychic, we are all connected, and everyone at some point has said things like ‘ I just had a feeling ‘ , I got a good vibe’ ‘ I got a bad vibe’ , ‘ it felt right / wrong ‘ etc etc. Most people do not consider that unusual, nor should they, as it is the most natural thing in the world for us to ‘ tune in’. Unfortunately , through a number of factors, fear, belief systems, education, societal expectations and limitations, cell phones, busy lives. wifi. , the list is endless of all the things and attitudes that ,have eroded our belief in the ability to connect and rely on our intuition.

We are all beings of light sound and colour, we are energy beings; Quantum psychics and Unified field theory has proven what the ancients always knew. Albert Einstein is quoted as saying ”Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.”, again modern science has proved this. As such it is easy to see, even for those of us not blessed with the IQ of Einstein that as WE are indeed energy, WE can NOT be destroyed, our energetic form instead ‘ changed’. Whilst many belief systems exist as to what this change may be into, it is evident from a place of inner knowing and supported by science, that as we ‘ ARE ‘ i.e. existing , we must ‘ always BE ‘ , in some form or other.

The world we interact with is energy, and as such our conscious awareness of it is changing and evolving, developing and deepening. Not only are we able to connect to what we perceive to be ‘ reality ‘ we are able to consciously connect to other vibrational frequencies, that exist simultaneously, [ a bit like all the wifi signals and different cell phone networks and digital TV stations etc all existing at the same time] ; Through practice and various ancient techniques we are able to adjust our ‘ receiver ‘ to connect with information, and other energy forms. It is imperative that is done safely , responsibly and from a place of love, without ego. Again The Conscious Connection Series shares skills how this may be done.

As conscious beings on this planet we leave energetic imprints and the same is true after the [ perceived] physical body has ceased to resonate at a frequency that exists in this dimension, and everyone can interact with outwardly; or as some say the same is true after we ‘ die’. since the dawn of time communication ‘ between worlds’ as it is sometimes know, has been as common place as the air we breathe.

The Conscious Connection Series includes a number of modules to support safely and authentically developing this ability , and explores all forms including Clair-voyance, Clair audience , Clair-cognizance, Clair- sentience, Trans Mediumship, and Transfiguration Mediumship  , and helps individuals develop their natural proclivity.

The initial training module is a Psychic and Intuitive Development workshop , comprising of  but not exclusive to :-

  • Developing personal and  inherent abilities and effectively using them
  • Understanding the responsibilities of this both for self and others
  • Understanding legalities of practice
  • Learning how to access the Cosmic Consciousness [as it is often referred to ]and blending that consciousness with the awareness of existence in this dimension, safely and effectively
  • Understanding and developing interpretation
  • Learning how to feel the auric field and ‘ perceive it ‘
  • Understanding the difference between psychic and medium – ship communication and connection
  • Understand and communicate what you are ‘ picking up’

Material will be provided ; classes are kept small to ensure personal tuition and support.

The second and third Modules are geared toward developing MEDIUM SHIP, and are for those wishing to develop their communication with energy beings resonating on different frequencies.








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