Corporate and Business

Working with you and identifying your requirements we can design a package to improve attendance and overall performance.

This would include teaching individuals a range of simple techniques to reduce stress and manage their own well being.

By helping them to understand stress, what affects their health and well being and mental attitude and teaching ways to eliminate and/ or reduce contributing factors, individuals personal responsibility and control over their health and well being is restored.

The techniques will reduce stress levels and the effects of stress thereby improving their health and well being, and reducing absence rates.

By supporting people in embracing their own personal responsibility for their health and well being, a greater awareness and confidence in themselves develops. This is reflected in  the workplace and is demonstrated in other areas of business delivery.

We offer an interesting, energizing session to add to a conference or training program.

If there is something particularly pressurized or stressful being discussed/ delivered at a seminar / meeting / conference we can offer techniques and tools  to bring calm and balance  to the individuals and group.

Utilizing Business Improvement / Project Management Skills and experience [Professional Skills Qualified] and Facilitation techniques , working with you we are able to identify process improvements, efficiency savings. Or help transition through a change programme. One partner has significant experience of introducing and managing change programs on national and departmental scales.

We have personal experience of senior level management in the UK in the [Federal] Police and in many government agencies including the Justice Department and Asylum and Immigration. We know first hand the significant balancing act required to continue to deliver business with a high absent rate and/or a demoralized work force.

We both have proven track records in the business world of improving performance with and through people and reducing sick absences.

From CEO to photocopying staff and all grades and positions in between, from employers of multinationals to local employers with few staff members we all know that efficient, effective,productive healthy staff are crucial to business delivery.

You may have spent a significant % of your budget training and skilling staff , to recoup a return on investment, and meet targets it is evident that staff need to be in the work place to deliver your business.

With the pressures that modern day living brings to many individuals, maintaining high attendance rates has not always been possible.

The World Health Organization estimates that by the year 2020 depression will be the leading cause of disability on the planet. It has been stated that mental health conditions cost the Canadian economy over $51billion per year with around 500,00 people absent per day with a mental health issue, [this number excludes those absent with headaches/ tummy upsets and other stress related conditions].

In a world where there are competing priorities and an ever increasing requirement to deliver MORE with LESS it is critical to maintain a reliable and productive work force at all levels.

Let us help you do that.

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