Schools & Groups

We will work with you to design an event / experience for your school / Nursing and care home, sports team, work team or group.

We are able to offer services to staff either in groups or through personal sessions for stress management and improving focus and attendance, improving drive and stimulating a positive mental attitude.

Pupils benefit from sessions to learn relaxation and stress management techniques, helping them cope with pressures at home and school and better prepare for exams and interviews.

The benefits of sound and the interactive nature of the sessions help everyone and are especially beneficial for  residents at care facilities. Here they are able to enjoy the benefits of the sound therapy whilst enjoying an interesting and stimulating experience that is fun and healing at the same time.

Interactive sessions are excellent with sports teams  and indeed any team required to deliver a shared goal [ including military personnel and heath care workers for  example].

It is truly limitless. Whether it is for 2 hours or 2 days it will be an experience to remember and one that will make a difference to the individual and group for a considerable time.

 if you are interested, and would like to know more please either use the contact page to mail us, include your number and we’ll call you back or you may ring us on 1 902 875 2039.

Enjoy your day

Rita and Phil

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