YOu are both really special people , you’re healing is wonderful thank you so much, this is life changing, thank you so much
Every cell is , well its , just like, alive , vibrating, Oh My G I can’t believe this its amazing.
The healing I have from you both and the gongs and bowls and the energy is just powerful and deep. I really do feel so much better and relaxed. As you know I have a lot of physical issues that cause emotional stress, I feel so much better in my body and in my mind, I know the 2 are linked, I don’t know which is healing first but I know they both are , I feel so grateful, I know we still have some way to go BUT  I have come so far I want to THANK YOU  from the bottom of my heart I would have really been lost with this and you. Humbled and grateful  CB NS
I just LOVE the GONGS I am out in space my whole body tingles my whole body isn’t even there anymore, I see colors and feel amazing, its so powerful and beautiful and gentle at the same time it really is beyond word EVERYONE like really honestly EVERYONE should do this ALL the time you cam never have too much GONG.  PW NS
Rita I can’t thank you enough for my reading today , well all the readings I have had, They just make me feel so happy and centered and to hear from my loved ones in spirit makes me so happy, The proof is staggering, things I had no idea of , I asked other family members and I knew it would be true , but to have other things confirmed I didn’t know about really helps me with the guidance they have given me for the future, and you bring through their personalities so powerfully thank you for your gift. MD NS
Thank you for my beautiful soul art, it takes my breath away every time I look at it and the reading you gave me just keeps getting deeper and deeper . I have found so many of the connections you spoke of and the stuff that has come true well WOW  THANK YOU . I will be back Claire NS
I just wanted to tell  you that I have experienced any shifts in the last 6months and am at a new place in my life and personal peace. Attending your gong baths has been a huge part of this, I know that had I not have taken part in these events I wouldn’t be where I am today. It has changed my life and I wanted to say thank you and I will be here every time. Col NS
My reading with Rita was amazing it really was a profound experience I derived so much comfort and evidence that I was and still am blown away. TG NS
The experience at your Gong Bath was amazing & seemed like perfect timing AR NS
I have been meaning to get in touch to tell you just how much I loved January’s gong bath! Wow! It was my most profound experience yet. With your new format, I felt I was more able to let go and get in tune with the sound, thereby reaching new layers of depth, relaxation and healing. I have nothing but positive things to say about it and have been relaying this to my gong bathing friends, and also promoting the experience to potential new bathers. Your new format was very comfortable and moved with ease. Pluto sure is an a wonderful new addition and certainly heightened the experience as well!   LP NS
Thank you so much Rita.
You gave me hope today.

I have never felt anything like this in my life ever – so powerful and gentle at once  just beautiful THANK YOU and the feedback – WOW it took my breath away. Lynn T NS

 `They (The Gong baths¸) `are amazing I wish I could have one every       day , everyone should experience them. NM Nova Scotia

Within the first moment of meeting the beautiful souls that make “Soundbeings”; it is clearly obvious that they come from a place of pure passion for their craft. So kind and loving with splashes of laughter.I felt so cared for and in such capable hands.I harbour a so called incurable condition in my physical body, and within 24 hours, I noticed physical changes that denoted healing! I slept so soundly and released so much blocked energy.

It was truly one of the most beautiful and peaceful things I have ever experienced and gifted myself.

I am a lifer now, and can’t wait for the next one! And it is offered at such an amazing price point in exchange for their services.

Thank you!


Blown, my mind is blown by what just happened. [ laughs ] That was  MIND BLOWING Kenny NB

I have to keep coming back because it is so beautiful, and I just LOVE it, I LOVE everything you both do’  I love you both EL . NS

Rita You told me things I never thought possible, all the things you said came true, I am coming back . LW Canada

Incredible, You had my dad , I know it was him you could not have known anything about him, his personality came through I was just talking to him, I am crying with joy, thank you. Sarah

I came to see you as my friend said she felt so much better, and so much more at peace, and now I know why. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. E H

I love what you did for a staff member with your Life Coaching session I want to sign up ……. JB

The kids at the school just loved it. Your talk was so informative and practical for all ages and they loved the gong bath and experiencing everything close up. The staff were all ‘ blown away ‘ unquote we will have you back.

Everyone is so excited you and your gongs are coming back we can’t wait, we need that healing and that expansion  whoop whoop 🙂 MW

I drove 500K round trip with a night in a motel and I will do that again , so worth it, you both are incredible THANK YOU DS

Dear Rita & Phil, you added so much to the  Harmony Bazaar. You are such beautiful spirits with so much knowledge & healing wisdom that you shone so graciously. We thank you!

Patricia & all H.B folks

Come Back to Antigonsih we need you , it was wonderful NL

After a 20 minute taster session at a wellness expo “ WOW that was WONDERFUL absolutely WONDERFUL like nothing I have ever felt, and the feedback  you gave  incredible how could you know those things , I am definitely coming for a session and to your group event, That was just , well words fail me , it was just wonderful “ H R Musquoduboit NS
The Group Gong baths are just incredible, really really incredible, they relax me and ignite  me all at the same time they make me feel so fluid and yet electric, and like I do not have a body and have the most sensitive body all at the same time I LOVE them than you so much   J T Halifax
My sessions with you have been truly life changing, I lost 30lbs, I changed my eating habits, got a new job and have self confidence I have a NEW LIFE THAN YOU doesn’t sum it up. HC  Nova Scotia

What an amazing thing you do, I had to write and say THANK YOU. You have no idea how you helped me and the difference in my life. Eric

Rita and Phil, thank you for today’s session. It was awesome! What beautiful and gifted spiritual beings you are. I saw many colors and felt the vibrations releasing the negative and filling me with healing energy. I saw something very deeply planted that helped me understand my very existence in this life time. Yes, it was that deep. What you do truly is amazing! Many blessings. J R USA/ Canada

WOW WOW WOW I am STILL Vibrating days later I can still feel it OMG LOL it’s TOTALLY something else. There are no words – really , there are NO words. Incredible Thanks you . JM Nova Scotia

I just wanted to express a sincere thank you for the beautiful weekend workshop you provided.  The love of your work and sound therapy shows through your every being and we were all so blessed as a group to be able to experience that together.  I especially enjoyed the toning, the gong baths at the end of each day, as well as the amazing new people I met through the workshop.  Professionally, I have been able to incorporate the new sound healing techniques to my holistic practice with great results already!  On a personal level, I really feel grounded, focused and connected more than ever.  The workshop certainly helped me dissolve some blockages that were ready to be released.  As a result, I find that my connection with spirit and the realm of energy around me has been “fine tuned” to a whole other level.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing, without reservation, to your beautiful gift and the world of sound healing!

Catherine Whittaker, Author, Energy Therapist & Intuitive Life Coach

I can’t believe how much you have both helped me, the difference I feel is enormous. I feel so much more relaxed and able to cope, all those things that seemed insurmountable don’t seem like that any more. You both have a rare gift Thank you  LS – NS

I was still feeling the effects in my body days later, I was humming inside, it is still remarkable like a buzz and a hum. I feel like something really big has gone , the pressure and the fear has gone. Thank you I am looking forward to the next session. I know I have some way to go to get rid of everything but I  feel so different already. I am now exited and optimistic to keep going. K McN  – NS

You share a wonderful and empowering gift with the world, allowing ourselves to take care and heal. We are blessed to have you in our community. Thanks for coming to our school to share.

S.H  Student Wellness Centre co-ordinator,

Shelburne Regional High School  November 2011.

It was such a joy to to be in your presence, and travel the sound waves of the Universe. What a glorious gift you give to others…thank you. It gave an inner radiance and peace. I should very much like to experience those amazing healing energies again. LOVE & JOY, to you both.

CH    NS

Just writing to say thank you, what an incredible experience



SOUNDGASMIC !!!!!! !!!!!! That was AWESOME !!!!!!!!! You can quote me !!!!


That was beautiful, incredible, my whole body felt like it was elavated, it was like I was in space. I feel so relaxed and so much better and my pain has gone in my knees. Thank you.


You are both amazing, I can’t thank you enough, the difference I feel, it’s just really amazing. I can’t say anything else except ‘thanks’.


 Hey Rita and Phil,  awesome road trip to visit you at your Healing Home in Shelburne with my two, just as awesome, friends.  Our journeys have taken us to many places close to our hearts and far from our homes.  This was one of those experiences and luckily it was within driving distance:-)  The union that I experienced with the healing sound of the gongs, bowls and your presence has allowed me to explore a deeper landscape of my own personal healing journey, both physically and spiritually.  I have discovered that healing through the mind can only take you so far and without the assistance of a vibrational tool (instrument, voice, feeling) the road to freedom and authentic sovereignty may be limited.  It’s been a few days now and I am still feeling the effects, sometimes blissful and free, and sometimes discomfort and challenged.  I am embracing it as all good and sending you blessings for the experience. xo

CK Nova Scotia

Your experience working with people and with sound use over the years makes your counselling and sound healing worthwhile. Non threatening, supportive, customized to the client’s particular sound body, and administered with a (very loving) professional respect. A remarkable and wonderful experience.

Y.C. Nova Scotia

Amazing and Life changing, I had tried for 10 years to remove the problems I had. My session with you both changed my life – it was incredible, I am elated.
K.S. Ontario

The effect of the wonderful “Sound Therapy” that you deliver is to leave us, Relaxed, Chilled, Rested, and wanting more! The amazing assortment of sounds that you use really get in to the very fabric of us and we both feel emotionally and physically “healed” After undergoing therapy we find our bodies are toned and relaxed and our minds joints and bodies balanced in real harmony.
John and Jan UK / NS

You helped me when my life wasn’t worth living – now I don’t take drugs, am not an alcoholic and I have hope. Thank you for all my sessions.

Incredible EVERYONE should have this – words can’t describe it, It’s like Nothing I’ve ever known.

Thank you – I can’t describe that but I felt it and I was in space and here and not here it was weird, but good weird, amazing and I feel fantastic I vibrated awesome I look forward to my next session THANK YOU.
S.H., NS

The sessions delivered as part of our managing attendance program were Unique, enjoyable and effective. The scientific evidence that supports your seminars is refreshing and reassuring. Managers and staff fed back how they enjoyed it and how interesting fun and useful it was and how they feel empowered to influence their own wellbeing and that of their colleagues. Personally I also enjoyed it very much..

Sound therapy was new to me, but my first experience was wonderful – it was like being bathed in sound and having my whole being realigned.  Since then I’ve had many treatments, they are all different and all very relaxing, rejuvenating and energizing. It is definitely something that can have a positive impact on your health and state of mind – highly recommended to anyone!
Emily, Nova Scotia

After suffering many years of depression, anxiety, anger, frustration and also having visited numerous counsellors and therapists I felt my situation seemed totally hopeless.  All this changed when Rita and Phil entered my life.  Through their sound healing therapy and life coaching I was able to overcome my problems and move forward with my life for the first time in twenty years. I feel ‘Life Changing’ is a greatly over-used term these days but the healing, help, support and guidance I have received from Rita and Phil has certainly been just that. I cannot thank them enough.
Neil,  Liverpool, England.

I have had the pleasure of meeting Rita and Phil in 2010, and in that time have also had the pleasure of being a client of theirs of Sound Therapy. I did not know at the time what Sound Therapy was, and was curious about it. Well I found out ! after a few sessions I noticed changes within in, I felt happier, or at peace with myself and wanted more. I kept going to these sessions knowing it was helping me,on some level and it truly has I am forever grateful and deeply honoured to have met Rita and Phil, they are ‘ amazing and powerful beings’. THANK YOU so much for all you have done for me, words could never express how I feel. You guys are wonderful !Hugs,

Tobi Shelburne NS.

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