About Us

We are Rita and Phil and are passionate about life, all living things, wellbeing and specialize in Sound therapy.

We are very fortunate to live in beautiful Nova Scotia with our 3 gorgeous rescue cats and our loving adopted Canadian family and great friends. Whilst we love and adore our OZ family and UK family and friends and wish they all lived here too  we know we are in the right place at the right time, as are they.

We’re originally from Liverpool UK  – an amazing city and well worth a visit if ever you go to the UK. It’s over 800 years old, has amazing architecture, great people and a music scene that still shapes the world.  The surrounding County of Merseyside does have nearly twice the population of the whole of Nova Scotia so be prepared for crowds. Whilst there we balanced our alternative and complimentary work with our other professions.


We have over 40 combined years of complementary and alternative medicine experience including Reiki, Massage Therapy  Reflexology, Life Coaching and of course our real passion SOUND THERAPY, which although we had incorporated aspects of it in all our other practices, we decided to specialize in 2006.

We have trained in Europe and the USA and are members of The Sound Healers Association.

Our clients come from all professions and walks of life, medical, teaching, police, psychologists, artists, fishermen, firemen, accountants, lawyers, therapists, musicians, builders, carpenters, electricians, landscape gardeners, parents, kids, those wishing to be parents [helping with infertility issues] the list goes on.

We have helped people with many and varied conditions including mental health issues, alcoholism, drug addiction, severe depression, Cancers, stress, anxiety as well as those who wanted to change their focus and attention to achieve goals, or help with exams / tests/ interviews , life changing decisions, those who wish to learn to relax, those who are going for an operation / just had an operation, broken bones and broken hearts .

We help animals all sizes shapes ages and life experience. We both volunteer with BBMASS / PET Projects  and give healing to the animals as well as helping rescue them, care for them, and find loving homes [ Oh yes and fund raise so if you fancy donating , tax receipts provided please check out the web site 🙂 ]

Currently holding a position on the board, we are all working hard to educate and support humans improve relationships with animals, and are tirelessly working to improve and change legislation to improve animal welfare. We are continuing to petition the Government to ban tethering of dogs 24/7/365, so if you agree that the law needs changing please check out  People for Dogs, and join us. Healing takes many forms including positive action for compassionate change.

We have given sound healing to dogs, cats and horses and seen swift and positive results.

The list goes on. There really isn’t anything that Sound Therapy can’t help with.

But you don’t have to take our word for it – nor should you. Perhaps the best way to decide if something feels right for you is to listen to the experience of others and then make up your own mind, check out the Testimonials.

For business we are able to design a package to help with a managing attendance program and also, with the project skills qualification and business improvement experience , actually help with real process improvements and productivity. Or just provide a really original and interesting seminar or energiser for a conference or well being event.

Together we have over 47 years as senior officers in the UK Government : Police, [Detective Sergeant] and Management/Senior Management roles in Social Care Departments, Social Justice and the Justice Department, Immigration and Asylum. Between us we have a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Degree in Media studies, Professional Skills Qualification in Project Management and a teaching Certificate for 16+.

We joined professions where we felt we could help people and make a difference. From the feedback we got over the years it would appear that we did just that. Now we can do that in a more direct way, both for individuals and business.

Most companies are forced into a ‘more for less’  environment, usually resulting in high staff absence rates and stress related issues. This is not good for the individual, their family and friends, nor the business.

It was, and still remains our belief, and from experience too, that high performance is achieved through people. Having an enabled, healthy workforce benefits the individuals and the business.  It’s true to say that our expertise in complimentary and alternative treatments helped our staff in relation to their stress management and the overall subsequent performance improvements.

So how did we get to be in Nova Scotia ?

Our dream was always to undertake the holistic work full time, be by the ocean, be surrounded by nature, build an eco friendly healing center for people and animals, grow our own food and actually live a life, ideally in an eco friendly home. We are building that dream.

We had always been drawn to Canada even as kids and we were fortunate to travel around Nova Scotia in 2007 – hopelessly falling in love with it. As we first touched down in Halifax it felt like home, even though neither of us had ever been there before.

We decide to WALK OUR TALK and follow our hearts and our dream. So we Immigrated to NS – sold up in the UK, had a car boot sale [ YARD SALE ] packed our belongings in a crate that took 7 weeks to sail the Atlantic and get out of the docks in Halifax and made Shelburne our home. Registered Sound Beings and began living our dream.

It was like returning home to a place we had never been to, to a family we had never before met. We love the people, the community the town and Nova Scotia.

We are though still trying to love the Black Fly! who definitely love us – still fresh blood we guess. We soon got those very attractive bug suits after the first summer of being black fly food.

In addition to our holistic work, we are writing, in the process of making a CD and working around the Province meeting wonderful people, sharing incredible experiences  and seeing great places.

When we have spare time we take care of the garden [yard] and are planting veggies, we row Long Boats and promote how great Shelburne and Nova Scotia is to anyone who’ll listen, we sail with our friends and try to be a good crew when we race.  We help  rescue animals and care for them, make breakfasts for the community at the Light House, Fund raise and help where we can. We love to socialise with our great Canadian family and friends [ how amazing are the artists and musicians here –we are hoping the vibe will permeate us] and when it’s not too hot or too cold we ride a motorbike.

So there you have it. A little bit about us and how come two  Scousers* with huge gongs  came to be in Sunny Nova Scotia .

* Scousers – nickname for Liverpudlians, probably derived from  ‘lob scouse’, a type of stew that predominated in the city. ‘Blind scouse’ was without meat! You will often hear the phrase “we’re not British/English – we’re Scouse” from many Liverpudlians – us two included.

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