The Role of Quantum Physics ~ Our Body and the ‘Field’

Not sure about ” Invisible energy fields ? ”

Do you have a cell Phone ? , A Microwave ? A Radio ? All Invisible fields – existing energy but invisible to our eyes, only the effects are visible.

Not sure about energy passing through things because things are ” solid ” ?

Point your remote control car keys at your car when inside your house [ only the distance matters depending upon the strenghth of the signal ] ow press VOILA ! “What Wall ” ?

Quantum physics is beginning to catch up to what the ancients always knew; that is that the universe and all therein contained, is made up of energy. Solidity is an illusion. As all matter is merely energy, resonating at a frequency that allows our frequency to interact with it and perceive through our senses, thereby imagining that energy, to be a solid form.

Quantum physics is the newer science of how the universe “works” and it is based upon the whole Universe being  energy. In contrast, the outdated version of how the Universe worked, Newtonian physics, emphasized the role of matter as separate from energy.

In the old Newtonian physics version of life, cells are made out of pieces of matter (molecules) and could only be influenced by other pieces of matter (molecules such as hormones or drugs). The newer insights on molecules offered by quantum physics reveals that molecules are units of vibrating energy that can be influenced by both matter and invisible energy waves (harmonic resonance). Constructive interference (i.e., good vibes) and destructive interference (i.e., bad vibes) can control the movements of protein molecules. Matter is ENERGY and ENERGY creates what we perceive as MATTER.

Since life is derived from the movement of protein molecules, then it’s understandable how energy fields influence life by causing molecules to change shape [Dr. Bruce Lipton PHD, Cell Biologist / Geneticist and author] Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., author of the books “The Biology of Belief” and “Spontaneous Evolution” is no flighty New-Ager. Earlier in his career he worked as a cell biologist and professor at the National Institutes of Health, Stanford and the University of Wisconsin among others. It was actually the experience of scientifically cloning cells that convinced Lipton that the way we view healing [in allopathic medicine] is incorrect.

“Originally, science thought that atoms were made up of smaller particles of matter (electrons, neutrons, and protons), however modern physicists found that these subatomic particles were actually immaterial energy vortices (resembling nano-scaled tornados). In truth, atoms are made out of energy and not physical matter. So everything that we thought was physical matter is in reality made up of focused energy waves or vibrations. Therefore the whole Universe is actually made out of energy, and what we perceive as matter is also energy. The collective energy waves of the Universe, which might be referred to as “invisible moving forces,” comprise the Field.

While quantum physics recognizes the energetic nature of the Universe, biology has never really incorporated the role of invisible moving forces in its understanding of life. Biology still perceives of the world in terms of Newtonian physical molecules, pieces of matter that assemble like locks and keys. Biochemistry emphasizes that life functions result from the binding of physical chemicals similar to an image of puzzle pieces plugging into each other.

Such a belief insists that if we want to change the operation of the biological machine then we must change its chemistry. This belief system emphasizing “chemistry” leads to a healing modality that focuses upon the use of drugs…allopathic medicine. However, conventional medicine is no longer scientific in that it still emphasizes the Newtonian idea of a mechanistic world and does not recognize the role of the invisible moving forces that comprise the world of quantum mechanics.

It is necessary that biology incorporate an understanding of ‘energetics’ and energy fields because energy waves profoundly influence matter. A great quote by Albert Einstein states: “The field is the sole governing agency of the particle.” Einstein is saying that the invisible forces (the Field) are responsible for shaping the material world (the particle).

To understand the character of a person’s body or health, one must consider the role of the invisible energetic field as a primary influence. The problem is that conventional medicine has not really acknowledged that the field even exists, although the “influence of invisible moving forces” has been demonstrated in published scientific articles for over fifty years.

The conventional model of medicine based upon Newtonian physics has provided for miracles such as heart transplants and reconstructive surgeries. However, conventional allopathic medical sciences do not know how cells actually work and are still inappropriately emphasizing the role of genes in controlling our lives and health issues.

Medical science focuses its attention on the physical body and material world and they have completely ignored the role of quantum mechanics. Once medicine starts to understand and acknowledge the influences of energy fields as important influential determinants they will then have a more realistic picture of how life works. Simply stated, conventional medicine alone is not truly scientific in that it does not invoke the Universal mechanisms recognized by quantum physics.

For us [SOUNDBEINGS] this is akin to science thinking the earth was flat until they were happy with the proof that it wasn’t. In the same way that just because in the main stream, tools aren’t available to measure all the frequencies talked about, doesn’t make those frequencies any less real or influential.

We have no doubt many doctors and scientists will readily accept quantum physics; as the evidence is irrefutable. It is the subsequent translation and application into medical practices and principles that then will completely evaporate all that was once heralded as the truth.

And as Shakespeare said ” there’s the rub ” as once we we truly accept the truth of energy then everything changes and healthcare can change, free energy can be released and all manner of amazing things .

Each day though we can  all on an individual basis integrate this understanding and enjoy it’s beneficial consequences.

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